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Letter to Parents: Dress Down Day - Friday, September 28th, 2012

posted Sep 27, 2012, 5:28 AM by Matthew Campbell

September 27, 2012

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students: 

In recognition of our excellent start to the year and student compliance with our uniform code, we will be having a “dress down” day on Friday, September 28th only. We believe in recognizing our students’ accomplishments and one of them this year has been uniform compliance. Students may come to school in “regular” clothing however, the following must still be adhered to: 

  • dress must be appropriate – no pants sagging, no mid-drift exposure, skirts just above the knee and nothing exposed on top; 
  • hats, du-rags, scarves and the wearing of hoods are not allowed; 
  • under no circumstances should any shirts contain inappropriate content – such as weapons, or references to inappropriate topics; 
  • please note that students who do not comply with the uniform code before this date may be excluded from participation on that day, in that case you will be notified by the dean. 

Please work with us to ensure that these guidelines are met so that we can continue to recognize students in ways that will motivate them to become engaged in the teaching and learning process here at MSAP. 

Also, please keep in mind, the following items are prohibited and subject to be confiscated by school staff: 

  • cell phones of any kind 
  • iPods, PSPs or other electronic devices 
  • beads or bandanas 

If one of these items are confiscated, you will receive a letter indicating the days and times they will be available for pick up. Please note: because of the nature of the meaning behind beads and bandanas, they may not be returned. 

We look forward to continuing what has already started out as a very successful year for our school. 


Mr. McNeill 


As always, copies of every letter sent home to parents can be found on the "Letters to Parents" page.

Matthew Campbell,
Sep 27, 2012, 5:28 AM