Sixth Grade Olympiad

The Middle School for Art and Philosophy Sixth Grade Team Presents:
The Sixth Grade Olympiad!

This Week's Focus: Hallway Behavior/Classroom Entrance

The sixth grade team is on the lookout for the class that best demonstrates what being a student hare at MSAP is all about.  This week, we're focusing on how we enter the classroom, and what we do when at the beginning of class.

 Points: Entrance Procedures:
 1 The majority of the class walks through the hallway without making extraneous noise while keeping their hands to themselves. 
 1 The majority of the class enters the classroom quietly.     
 1 The majority of the class takes their seats within 60 seconds of entering the classroom.     
 1 The majority of the class has their notebook open and gets started on the DO NOW within 60 seconds.     
 1 The majority of the class completes the DO NOW within five minutes.     

Leader Board: Week 12: 11/13/12 - 11/16/12
 Place:  Class: Points:
 Gold: 602 67
 Silver: 604 60
 Bronze: 603 57
 4th: 605 56
 5th: 601 55